Intro to training on a Systems Wall. More workouts below!

Systems Workouts

All workouts can be tweaked to be harder or easier, and change out holds for more diverse training!

Crimp Ladder (explained in video).

Crimp Ladder holding lock-off: (explained in video).

Hover above hold for 3 seconds. Alternate starting hands, six sets.

Gaston Typewriters (explained in video).

Set feet to stay in place.

Both hands on opposing gastons.

Push into shoulder move, hold gaston lock off, take other hand off, touch hip, grab other gaston and press into other side.

Repeat 6 reps, 6 sets. 

Crimp bumps:

Pull on lowest crimps.

Bump one hand up to highest reached crimp.

Keep feet on and core engaged!

Bump back down.

Alternate, six sets.

Double bumps.

Set feet to stay in place.

Pull on both hands on slopers.

Bump both hands simultaneously to next slopers.

Bump back down to start slopers.

Repeat for 45 seconds.

Pinch “up-downs.” (Can also be done on slopers and crimps!)

Start both hands on evenly spaced pinches in same row.

Grab next highest pinch with right hand.

Bring left hand up to pinch in same row.

Move right hand back down to start pinch, left hand follows, right hand back up again.

Repeat for 45 seconds, 6 sets.